What is the programming language c ++

C ++ is a computer programming language created by (Bjarne Stroustrup) is the development of the C language developed at Bell Labs (Dennis Ritchie) in the early 1970s, English was derived from an earlier language, the BCL, at first, that language was designed as programming language that runs on Unix systems, on development, version of the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) the C programming language into a major version, Although the version is now rarely used in the development of systems and networks as well as for embedded systems, Bjarne Stroustrup at Bel labs first developed C ++ in the early 1980s, to support the features in C ++, built efficiency and support system for low-level programming (low level coding). In C ++ added new concepts like class with its properties such as inheritance and overloading. One of the most fundamental differences with the C language is support for the concept of object-oriented programming (Object Oriented Programming).

Differences Between The programming languages ​​C and C ++ though these languages ​​use the same syntax, but they have differences, C is a procedural programming language, where the resolution of a problem to do with the distribution of these issues into the su-subproblems smaller Additionally, C ++ is a programming language that has the properties of object-oriented programming, to resolve the problem, C ++ do the first step by explaining the classes to the children’s class created previously as an abstraction of the objects of physical, Class contains state of the object, its members and the ability of His object, After Class is made then the problem is solved by Class.

Data types
The data type is a format in (C ++) are used to analyze the variables. In store variables TSB, takes a special place in the computer memory. The variable is specified as follows: